Website Design, Hosting, and Maintenance

With so many people utilizing the internet to search for businesses, it is critically important for your business to provide a clear view of the services, products, or solutions that you offer to your customers. Many people will now view a business online, checking their reviews and website, before deciding to visit them in person or choose them for their need. If your website isn’t providing clear information on what you do, why your business is the best for them, or has positive reviews from past customers, then you may be missing opportunities to grow your customer base.


A website used to be a place for some basic information about your company. Nowadays, it is the first-place people look at your business and a direct representation of your company. If you aren’t portraying your company online as you do in-person, then you’re not providing your customers with an avenue to preview your company. Often times, people will completely disregard a business if they can’t gather clear information about them online.

E-commerce websites are a great way for any size business to sell products or services online. They allow your customers to make transactions securely through your website, which in-turn can integrate with your bank, shipping accounts, or other platforms. At All-City Technology we will help set everything up so you can start taking orders and payments easily through your website. Your products will be input onto your website and we can train you on how to update new or existing products. If that is too overwhelming, we can also setup services to continuously work with you to keep your latest inventory online.


We are also happy to accommodate existing website hosting plans or can provide you with a service to get your website running smooth. Our hosting plans include an SSL certificate which is used by many search engines and internet browsers to identify a website as being safe. If you’ve ever visited a website and were told that it was “Not Trusted”, that is because the site did not have an SSL certificate setup. This is usually notated by a broken lock symbol.

Once your website is up and running it is important to keep things updated and maintained. Search engines have complex algorithms to determine which results show up on a search page. A key metric in this algorithm is how recently a website has been updated or modified. If your site does not get regular updates it gets viewed as being “stale” and less significant. This will reduce your search engine score and make it harder for customers to find your website. Additionally, if you don’t keep your website updated and maintained there is a greater chance of security breaches. Hackers find any ability to break into websites to retrieve data, customer information, place redirects to explicit sites, or simply cause your site to break and be inaccessible.  The All-City Technology Maintenance Package will help to ensure this very real threat never happens to you.

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