Camera, Surveillance, and Security

Protecting your property is important for any type of business. Often, you won’t have the security personnel to be on-site at all hours, so leveraging a good surveillance system can put power back in your hands when facing property loss.


Surveillance and Security Equipment Includes:

  • Cameras
  • Sensors
  • Management Center
  • Data Storage
  • Fingerprint or Fob Locks and Time Reporting
  • Vehicle and Fuel Management

Most thieves are dissuaded when there is an obvious surveillance system in place as these can be difficult to circumvent, leaving the culprit in a position of being identified and prosecuted. Although they may lose interest, many thieves are smart enough to find gaps or dead zones within your system. These become access points where they can gain entrance into your facility without being caught on camera. With a well-designed surveillance system, you can ensure that all areas of your building, both inside and out, are covered by things such as continuous scanning and/or license plate readers. We leverage modern camera equipment that can pan, tilt, zoom, and offer high quality imagery.

Along with the cameras it is important to have a management system to capture, back-up, and protect the data that you record. We can work with you to build an office setup for an on-site security person, to be sent off-site for review, or stored for playback when necessary.


Other areas of expertise include fuel card readers, fingerprint readers (including time management), and installation of third-party software with the integration of scale weights and measures.

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