Antivirus and Security

Keeping your users and their equipment secure and free of viruses can help them maintain their daily workflow, yet there are bigger threats that can arise through any individual piece of equipment within your network. That is why it is critically important to have antivirus software and security services installed on your network.

From a network perspective there should be a strong firewall and security protocols in place to protect from outside intrusion. Protocols will include intrusion detection, email security, and network scans. When a threat is discovered there should be a plan in place to remedy the situation so that there is minimal affect.

All-City Technology is committed to absolutely anything within their capabilities to helping individuals who have already lost data or been compromised by intrusion or an outside hacking attempt. We have many times been there for the public in their ability to recover their data that hasn’t been fully encrypted or stolen. We’re there to help you to go through every step that may be required for you to reset all your security issues and regain control of your personal data.

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