Network Cabling

At All-City Technology, and the sub-contracting of KG Enterprises, we will work with you to ensure that your entire network is running at peak performance. We will also help to setup your infrastructure to accommodate your current network and any future growth that may occur. Whether it be hard-wired, wireless, or the introduction of intermediate distribution points it is important to have the correct network cabling for your business.


Benefits of Appropriate Network Cabling

  • Increased Network Speeds
  • Better Wireless Coverage
  • Expandability
  • Better Network Traffic
  • Improved Network Port Availability

Network cabling encompasses everything from phone lines and VoIP installs requiring their own independent cable network to ethernet backbones on cable or fiber-optic. Whether your network and it’s expected growth require 100 Mb, 10 Gb, or 100 Gb, we know how to design the required backbone.

Cabling is not always on the interior of your building. It takes detailed consideration to wire your busines both on the interior and exterior of the building. Especially if your network requirements are expected to include security cameras. Having appropriate cables can help to alleviate the risk of your entire network going down due to improper infrastructure.

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