Digital Smart Home Automation

Homes have become more integrated into the cloud than ever before. There are more new devices coming onto the market every month that connect your home appliances, mechanisms, and systems to your phone. This allows you to set processes, create environments, or manage features within your home infrastructure.


All-City Technology can work with you to establish the right bandwidth needed throughout your home to keep up with your equipment. When the appropriate connections are in place, your devices can work at peak performance and ensure they don’t drop off the network. We will help you to understand how to manage each device, create zones, set timers and scenarios, all so that your life can become a little bit easier.

With so many great new products on the market, let us help you determine what items will work best to suit the needs of your automated home. We find there is a lot of confusion between the compatibility and integration of so many different home networking systems. Often, the real estate is just so big that commercial grade WIFI systems can serve as a superior viability.


All-City Technology can help you decide on which systems you should use in your home. Regarding home automation, the WIFI system, as well as the audio the audio the video and the remote controls require planning.

Particular areas of expertise are framed TV installations with full surround sound and the installation and integration of SONOS sound systems and outdoor low voltage lighting including app driven colored LED lights operated anywhere from your property with your mobile phone.

Contact us today with any questions about how we can help support your growing IT requirements.